Aardvark and the environment
Environmental Importance:

Facilitator and key species for other animals
Various species are dependent on the aardvark for survival

Although Aardvarks are seldom seen, their presence in an area serves many other creatures. Abandoned burrows are utilised as shelter by many other species such as:
Wild dog, aardwolf, hyena,warthog, jackal, black-footed cat, bat-eared fox & honey badger
Blue swallow & ant-eating chats
Hedgehogs, porcupine, pygmy mice, big-eared mice & lesser dwarf shrew
Variuos snake & insect species

Points of concern:

Sparsely scattered in Southern Africa
One off-spring per year - survival rate unknown
Cannot be successfully kept / bred in captivity / zoos
Key species, facilitating the environment for other species
Survival of other threatened species depend on aardvark